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Our customers are buzzing about their Portalbuzz experiences:

"I'm not a computer geek and I don't have a lot of time to work on the website, but I do have the few minutes a day it takes to keep the site updated. It did take a while to get comfortable with it, but now it's fun. It [keeps] information, pictures, events and schedules organized and accessible."
—Charles B., Georgia

"It has allowed us to consolidate several areas into one. We now use it for our club newsletter, website, communicating with members and various committees via email feature, file management, etc."
—Jan B., Iowa

“Portalbuzz allows us to spend our time on volunteering and raising funds for local childrens' charities. The best part is that your club can use as little or as much of it as needed.”
—Craig M., Florida

"This system is very easy to use. After the quick tutorial to understand the basics, it was very easy to start setting the site up. After working with other websites, this has definitely been my favorite ..."
—Wes D., Georgia

"It saves time and gives your club the tools you need."
—Kevin T., Iowa

"This is a bargain when you consider the benefits. ... We didn't have to have a pro webmaster in order to help our club look great."
—Carol B., Michigan

“We encourage others to get started with this program … the more you use it, the more ideas and refinements that will happen.”—Dick F., Oregon 

“There are many aspects of the website I absolutely love, but have to say the events and online voting are my favorites. We had a greater turnout of voters than we would have had holding a paper election during a club meeting.” 
—Lanelle R., California

“... I looked at many Kiwanis clubs’ websites, and Lions and Rotary’s also, and none begins to compare to the current [Portalbuzz] web portal capabilities.” 
—James F., New Hampshire 

“We have found the CMS to be a vital part of not only our club operations, but our public presence. As a "young professionals" club we have several members who would have the expertise of creating and updating a website, but the fact that much of the site is auto-generated and more importantly updated for us, is a great thing. We also have a lot of service projects (in addition to sponsoring 12 SLP clubs) going on for our club and it would be near impossible to track everything without the Event system.” 
—Jeffrey W., Virginia 

“All of our members are 'online' so we don’t print anything anymore, except for brochures when needed.”
—Marshall K., Texas (Facebook)