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Portalbuzz Website Refresh Service Details

With the Portalbuzz Website Refresh Service, our Portalbuzz website specialists will review your current Portalbuzz club website, and make recommendations. You’ll provide some content and photos and we’ll get your club website up-to-date.  


How much does it cost?

The cost of the basic Website Refresh Service is $99 (one time fee). Our website specialists are highly efficient and can get a lot accomplished in that time. The cost is in addition to your regular Portalbuzz subscription rate.


What’s included?

The Portalbuzz basic Website Refresh Service includes approximately 30 minutes of review, recommendation and communications about your current website and 1.5 hours of website updates. Upon your approval, the website specialist will implement the changes and you will have a complete website.


Some examples of updates include:

  • Updating the website template
  • Updating the menu to reflect the needs of your club
  • Adding or deleting pages and populating with content
  • Adding/deleting content, photos, etc.
  • Ensuring that all links in your website are in working order
  • Fixing any issues with photos, alignment or color issues
  • Fixing issues with fonts or sizes
  • Create professional looking pages
  • Making recommendations for enhancements to website


Easy process

  • Sign up and provide payment. Payment must be in the form of credit card or electronic check.
  • We’ll take stock of your current site - Our web specialist will review your current website and make recommendations for your website refresh.  
  • Let us know what you think - In the meantime, you should take a look too. Are there things that you know need to be changed? Are there photos that you need added? Is there a special page that you would like added? Let the web specialist know.
  • Agree on the updates - The web specialist will email you the agreed upon changes, including a list of content and photos needed for your approval.
  • Send updates - It’s time to start submitting your updates and images. The web specialist will prompt you for specific information and will guide you each step of the way. As you think about your website, It will be helpful for you to group content and photos or images together by page.
  • We update - We’ll get started on updating your website. Our website specialist will communicate with you via email regarding any clarification needed. We will work with you to determine if a change will be made live immediately or if you need to review.
  • Review & Finalize your website - Review your website to make sure it’s correct. Sign off on the changes and your website is all set!


A few more details

  • In order to keep the process organized and efficient, we will work with one contact per club.
  • The person that requests the service must have the administrator role in Portalbuzz.
  • Client must accept terms of service (coming soon.)
  • Communications will be handled in the form of emails and online forms.
  • The club can choose to review updates prior to publishing or can choose to have Portalbuzz make the changes and publish without club review.
  • For extensive changes that exceed 1.5 hours of updates, additional web specialist time can be purchased at $59 per hour.
  • We are excited to introduce this service to subscribing clubs! As we work with clubs and receive feedback, we reserve the right to make modifications to the service.


Terms of Agreement

Addendum to Portalbuzz Terms of Agreement and Site Terms and Conditions of Use (coming soon)


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